Tips on how to Brand name Coupon and Preserve the Most Amount of Money

Lots of people want to learn how to coupon so that they can save money in this down economy. It's a lot easier to save money than it is to make money, so couponing is one of the easiest ways to save money right away. How do the coupon gurus save so much money and get their personal items and groceries for so little money?

Here are three ways that can get you started:

1. Get a good source of coupons - Whether you decide to purchase the Sunday newspaper each week, bum coupons off your friends who get the paper but don't use them, or purchase coupons from a coupon clipping service, you will need to have a good supply of coupons to start saving money. Coupons can also be printed from various online sources. That way you can print only the coupons you think you will use. When an item you purchase often is on sale and has a coupon available for it, you'll want to be sure to have plenty of coupons so that you can get as many as you need for the next several months.

2. Decide how you will keep track of your coupons - Will you use envelopes, resealable plastic bags, a card filing system, or a coupon binder? There are plenty of ways to keep track of coupons, you just need to decide what will work best for you. You can even start with one system and switch to another one after you get a better idea of how couponing will work for you. Start by putting the coupons you clip into different categories and then decide where you want to keep those clipped coupons.

3. Find the deals - Whether you scour through ads or let someone else do it for you, you'll need to spend a little bit of time writing down stores and items that are available on sale at each store where you intend to shop. There are lots of coupon blogs that research the sales at each store and match them up with coupons that are available. Depending on how much shopping time you have available, will determine how many deals you can get. If you choose one or two stores per week, you should be able to get a good stockpile of items for your family at low prices. Many stores put items on sale and then offer an extra reward coupon for you Carku discount offers to use on your next shopping visit. Some deals can also be combined with manufacturer rebates giving you an even greater reward.